How to Play Online Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are multi-table events that begin at a specific day and time. The number of participating players can vary from as few as two players playing on one table to as many as thousands of participating players playing on thousands of tables. The winner of each online poker tournament is the last player standing and the remaining prize pool is distributed based on when players were eliminated. Unlike cash standing and the remaining prize pool is distributed based on when players were eliminated. Unlike cash games, poker chips cannot be cashed out for real money and only serve to establish players' placing in the tournament. Learn basic poker tournament rules and start building your skills by exploring our poker tournament strategies below!

Online Poker Tournament Rules

Tournaments add an interesting element to poker. The pressure of playing with so many experienced poker players can be difficult to overcome at first. However, playing online poker eliminates that added stress of feeling the eyes of the table on you. Another interesting element of poker tournaments are the way chips are used. In cash games, usually whatever monetary value you put in is what your chips equate to. In a tournament, everyone pays the same amount at the start and everyone gets the same amount of chips to play with. Once you have lost all of your chips, you are out. The buy-in typically has two components, the first is the contribution to the total amount of money that can be won and the second is the fee to the host. The collected amount of money that can be won by the participants is known as the prize pool.

There are also a few types of tournaments you can play. Sit and Go tournaments begin when a predetermined number of players have registered to play. This makes the Sit and Go format very flexible. You can always find a game and will usually be playing within minutes. As long as enough players have assembled, the game will start. It also means that everyone knows exactly how much they will be playing for once the tournament starts and exactly how many players they need to beat. There are scheduled tournaments as well. Scheduled tournaments begin at a fixed time, if you have not paid a buy-in before the start time, you have no way of getting into the tournament. The fact that scheduled tournaments have a fixed start time means that it is easy to plan when to take part.

Online Poker Strategy

Poker is all about strategy no matter how you play it. Whether you enjoy coming to the casino and playing in a tournament or playing online is more your thing, every poker player has an established strategy. Some players are more aggressive and others can be very timid in their play. Some are risk takers and others play it safe. Once you figure out what kind of poker player you want to be, you can develop your strategy. Here are some quick tips to get started.

Strategy 1: Practice!

Poker tournaments, both online and at the casino can be intimidating. If you are uncomfortable or unsure, take advantage of our practice rounds. We offer play money trials that will give you the small sense of excitement that poker tournaments with real money stakes would have! Once you feel comfortable and believe you have enough practice, jump in to a live tournament!

Strategy 2: Have a Plan

Know what you want to play and go in with an idea of your playing method. Since the tournaments are online you don't know who you are playing against which you can use to your advantage. Understand and take your time on each bet and be confident in your decisions.